We provide verbatim transcripts for our customers whose end product is a video for news, sports, entertainment, documentary programming, or webcasts. We provide lightly edited transcripts for our corporate customers whose end product is print or content for the Internet.

Transcripts from Digital Audio & Video Files
We transcribe from all generic digital audio and video files with or without time code.  We can provide time code with precise digital code as the customer stipulates.

Transcripts from DVD's, CD's & MiniDisk
We transcribe from DVD's, CD's & MiniDisk. MiniDisk formats transcribed with or without time code as the customer stipulates.

Transcripts from Videocassettes
We transcribe from ALL VIDEO FORMATS as listed below with or without time code as the customer stipulates.

Transcripts from Audiocassettes
We transcribe from standard audiocassettes, mini/micro-cassettes and DATs. Standard audiocassettes and DAT formats transcribed with or without time code as the customer stipulates.

Phone Feeds
MEDIA's BY APPOINTMENT PHONE FEED service is staffed with live operators ready to work with your audio technician to achieve the best quality telephone transmission. We can provide a TIME CODED phone feed with your precise digital code.

Time Coded Transcripts
MEDIA's proprietary automated system allows us to insert time code (TC) from the digital code on your source material as transcription is taking place. This provides fast, verbatim, and accurate transcripts. We do your time-coded transcripts from any format that contains a digital time code.

Time coded transcripts can be done from any number of source materials:

  • Digital audio and video files
  • DVD, CD, and MiniDisk containing digital TC
  • Videocassettes with TC: Beta, Beta SP, Super VHS, VHS, DVCam, MiniDV
  • Audiocassettes and DATs containing digital TC
  • Phone Feed with your precise digital code

Completed transcripts are sent to our clients via e-mail or as requested. Source material and hard copies are returned via messenger (provided by the customer), FedEx or UPS (Shipping and Handling charges apply).

Confidentiality and the safekeeping of your source material and intellectual property is of utmost importance to us. Your material stays on our premises at all times. We do not outsource our work. Our staff is professionally trained; most have worked for us for many years. All employees sign confidentiality agreements with MEDIA. We do not allow material to leave our premises until it is returned to our customer's authorized representative.